Snorkel Underwater Museum Cancun

Snorkel at MUSA: Cancun’s famous underwater museum

See Cancun’s Underwater Museum of Art, much of it created by artist Jason deCaires Taylor. These amazing sculptures are made out of a special material that promotes the growth of microscopic organisms to help create a new artificial reef. Snorkel tour goes every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoon. Gear and guide is included.


Explore the famous “man on fire sculpture” a figure that is covered with fire coral, and the “Collector of Dreams” sculpture with several bottled messages of peace. The “Jardinera de la Esperanza” collects different kinds of coral formation as an underwater garden.

The entire project, called “The Silent Evolution” consists of 400 life-size statues described by the artist as: “Forming a vast gathering of people aiming to define a new era of living in a symbiotic relationship with nature.”

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Snorkel gear, boat ride to the museum, snorkel guide.

Check in at 1:45 PM at Scuba Cancun, KM 5 in the hotel zone.

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